Visit to UNVDA Ndop

The Technical Director in charge of Infrastructure, Francis F. Waindim, briefs the North West Regional Assembly on the long road UNVDA Ndop has covered since it was created in the 70s to carry out rural development projects, specifically rice production, seasonal crops, vegetable serial maize in the Region. With a potential of about 15,000 hectares of land but managing to develop just 3,000 hectares, UNDVA Ndop has been working with MINADER and MINEPAT and is into partnership with the Ministry of Public Works and JAICA

As the Director of Agricultural Production, Mr. Lemnsah Andrew Banboye, explained, UNVDA is charged with the reduction of rural exodus and increase rural income, their main activity being to train staff on rice farming, seed multiplication, assist famers, and processing and marketing of rice.

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